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by Gedeon
17 Jun 2010 02:57
Forum: Translator
Topic: MCDU exist in translator
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For number like prefix or application number, sets, the table is tabtrad, but for sets in exemple, the number is also in table poste.
Check after if this number is not an entity call, or CCD pilot, RSI or other prefix (be careful if you use DATA or X25 applications)

by Gedeon
11 Jun 2010 10:47
Topic: Serial output on Virtualbox
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Install OXE in Blade mode, not Appliance.
With Blade, you have console directly, but keyboard in english.
loadkeys is the command to load keyboard configuration.

by Gedeon
10 Jun 2010 01:49
Forum: Translator
Topic: Bulk delete via MGR
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4760i the return : R9.1: I1.605.16 and R9.0: H1.301.41 To delete many prefix without 4760, use ednump to create list of routing prefix to the old node, mgr -X "script" to delete this prefix from the list. You can create script with 2 or 3 lines of bash on OXE, or with many lines of vbscript, vba in ...
by Gedeon
09 Jun 2010 02:54
Forum: Inter-Node Links
Topic: how to put a link out or service
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Or, for test, you can isolate acces from suproutage, in topology page.
Ue "i" key to select link to isolate, and select if you want broadcast this status to whole network (global mode) or just to test routing algo on your node.
See suproutage in documentation.

by Gedeon
15 Apr 2010 15:36
Forum: TSAPI
Topic: TSAPI communication
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TSAPI is a server for CSTA applications. TSAPI is connected to one or many OXE (see NB_TSA in /etc/tsapid.conf) on the CSTA port used by CSTA server on the OXE (usually 2555 if my memory is good). Port 3595 (an 3596, 97, etc... if you are many instance of TSAPI), is dedicated to you application (or ...
by Gedeon
15 Mar 2010 17:21
Forum: System
Topic: cpu5 compatible with r8???
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CPU5s3 with 128Mo RAM, possible for lab with small database.
For customer configuration, you must use ACTIS

by Gedeon
11 Feb 2010 02:45
Forum: Software Loading
Topic: 100% Linux ?
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PC installer is a perl frontend for DHCP / TFTP and FTP program.These programs become from linux system. You can use atftpd on debian based systems for TFTP server. For DHCP server, you must use the dhcp server modified by ALU to read the specific vendor-class for ALU systems. For FTP, you can use p...
by Gedeon
09 Feb 2010 15:07
Forum: Trunk Groups
Topic: Ars
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Vad, If the TG are ISDN TG, you can use DPN that point to entity source for DDI number, and One entity per company. Other solution, similar to ARS, 9 is a speed dial prefix to area. Each entity (for each company) use a specific area number and in the speed dial number designed by 9 prefix, you inser...
by Gedeon
09 Feb 2010 02:01
Forum: MAIN
Topic: Can not ping or telnet to tunnel
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If the link is up (it's probably OK if suproutage is OK), the tunnel is operational. Check who is the error in the ping command : 1) If error is returned immediatly after you have typing the IP address of the distant tunnel (172.30.253.NodeNumber in general), you have a problem in the IP routing rul...
by Gedeon
04 Feb 2010 15:44
Forum: Software Loading
Topic: Software loading issue
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Are the install process finished without other errors ? In your screenshots, the loading of the file seems to be realized with success, but you have 2 // in the path ! If the installation is finished, login swinst, Expert menu, choice 8 and check thye software with size and checksum option. If all f...

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