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by devnull
20 Sep 2018 10:13
Forum: OmniSwitch 6450
Topic: Stacking OS6450-P24 and OS6450-P10
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Re: Stacking OS6450-P24 and OS6450-P10

No it is not possible,
See hardware manual:
Note. OS6450-10 switches can only be stacked with other OS6450-10 switches. Stacking OS6450-10
model with other OS6450 models is not supported.
by devnull
18 Sep 2018 06:31
Forum: OmniSwitch 6860 / 6860E
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A 6850 is never in a VC.. it is in a stack.
The stacknumber is stored in the boot.slot.cfg you can change the number with
stack set slot 2 saved-slot 1 reload
it should update stacknumber to "1" and reboot the switch
by devnull
10 Sep 2018 03:48
Forum: OmniSwitch 6900
Topic: Write memory is not permitted
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Re: Write memory is not permitted

It should be all in the switch management guide.. chapter 4. Write memory will write to running directory. In case of reboot/powerloss running and certified will not be the same -> will boot from certified. With copy running certified you will make certified and working the same -> should boot from ...
by devnull
07 Sep 2018 03:39
Forum: OmniSwitch 6560
Topic: Loopback0
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Re: Loopback0

I don't think that Loopback0 is meant to be the "Management" interface. The switch needs to have an IP Interface in a VLAN to "listen" to incoming packets. Just adding Loopback0 does note automagically available in any L2 traffic passing the switch.. From my usage Loopback was always used to have a ...
by devnull
05 Sep 2018 03:32
Forum: OmniSwitch 6850 / 6850E
Topic: 6850 P-48 ERP
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Re: 6850 P-48 ERP

I would always try to update to the latest release. ERP is afaik not available in 6.3.1 - i found it in 6.3.4 manual.
Last version for that EOS Devies is 6.4.4 - i'd go for that.
by devnull
30 Aug 2018 07:22
Forum: OmniSwitch 6850 / 6850E
Topic: Problems with boot 6850
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Re: Problems with boot 6850

You could try to "format" the flash from miniboot (newfs) and xmodem new images..
getting a new switch is probably not the worse idea
by devnull
24 Aug 2018 08:29
Forum: OmniSwitch 6850 / 6850E
Topic: 802.1x non-supplicant
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Re: 802.1x non-supplicant

I don't think you can set this as default, you have to enter it for all ports manually.

With later AOS7/8 Versions yor could create templates, but afaik not in 6.X
by devnull
24 Aug 2018 08:14
Forum: OmniSwitch 6850 / 6850E
Topic: OmniSwitch 6850-U24X crashed but is not booting up after powering down/up.
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Re: OmniSwitch 6850-U24X crashed but is not booting up after powering down/up.

I think i had that as well in the past - i opened a TAC case and had the hardware replaced.
In generell a newer firmware often reduces occurence of "strange" issues
by devnull
21 Aug 2018 05:24
Forum: OmniSwitch 6450
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For the last years with 6450 you need the XNI-U2. Stacking via Frontport is not possible (only in the 10Port variants) At least in 6.7.1R04 hardware user guide states: Required Stacking Module OmniSwitch 6450-10 - N/A (Uses built-in stacking ports) All other models - OS6450-XNI-U2 I don't think it h...

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