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by devnull
15 Apr 2019 09:00
Forum: OmniSwitch 6350
Topic: RING
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Yes with Spanning Tree you can do that out of the box.
ERP would be fast but not possible in 6350
by devnull
25 Mar 2019 04:53
Forum: OmniSwitch 6450
Topic: LACP with Dell N series
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Re: LACP with Dell N series

This is not a static agg, it is a dynamic lacp that you have configured. so configure a lacp on Dell Switch as well configuration for a static agg is similar: -> static linkagg 2 size 2 admin state enable -> static linkagg 2 name "Link-inside" -> static agg 1/11 agg num 2 -> static agg 1/12 agg num ...
by devnull
18 Mar 2019 07:35
Forum: OmniSwitch 6350
Topic: Lanpower problems on 6350
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Re: Lanpower problems on 6350

I did encounter some issues in the past with Alcatel, but had the same experience with cisco.
Different Commands? Also with cisco IOS vs. NX-OS vs IOS-XR.

Alcatel does it's job and is normally less money-intense than a cisco solution.
by devnull
04 Feb 2019 04:18
Forum: OmniSwitch 6350
Topic: VLAN (Voice+Data)
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Re: VLAN (Voice+Data)

Reading manual may help
vlan 10 name voice
vlan 20 name data

You can only assign one vlan untagged but multiple tagged. You need to match your devices (VoIP) e.g. identify voice traffic by MAC or Lldp - med
vlan 20 port default 1/1
802.1q 10 1/1
3) i have no idea what you mean
by devnull
14 Jan 2019 04:10
Forum: OmniSwitch 6400
Topic: uflash not found (Miniboot)
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Re: uflash not found Miniboot

WarnerBek wrote:
12 Jan 2019 09:38
Thank you, I just found the files

I just tried with this command : update miniboot all

And the OS6400 asks for the file : Gfpga.upgrade_kit

Do you know why ?
Why do you try a miniboot (compare to bios update) before trying to recover the switch?
by devnull
27 Dec 2018 05:45
Forum: Outside World
Topic: Acces to Alcatel bussinesportal with Firefox refused
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Re: Acces to Alcatel bussinesportal with Firefox refused

You need to be a businesspartner to log into bpsw
If you are an end user, ask the seller of your switches to provide you with firmware.
by devnull
20 Dec 2018 04:08
Forum: OmniSwitch 6450
Topic: Unable to ping VLAN interface
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Re: Unable to ping VLAN interface

You should be able to ping devices in the same vlan, means all devices at 1/2, 1/4, 2/2, 2/4, 3/2, 3/4 should be able to reach each other and should be able to reach the management IP (if they have a matching IP/Netmask). Is your stack setup correct? What is the output of "show stack topol...
by devnull
14 Dec 2018 07:19
Forum: OmniSwitch 6850 / 6850E
Topic: OS6850 High Memory usage , need help
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Re: OS6850 High Memory usage , need help

I have done it ages ago. so search the forums here and see whether you find some "recover 6850" threads.
i have no full documentation here, so research first!
by devnull
14 Dec 2018 03:34
Forum: OmniSwitch 6860 / 6860E
Topic: Iflastchange
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Re: Iflastchange

That should be the time, when the interface last changed. e.g link went up (or gone down)
by devnull
11 Dec 2018 03:47
Forum: OmniSwitch 6350
Topic: [Solved] EMPand prt ?
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Re: EMPand prt ?

i think it should do.
normally you would add the "vlan command" as well (necessary if you have multiple vlans. The "vlan_1" is just a name.
ip interface vlan_1 MASK vlan 1

See also ... witch.html

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