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by frank
19 Nov 2018 08:15
Forum: My IC Phone
Topic: Newbie & My IC Phone 8082
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Re: Newbie & My IC Phone 8082

I could not find the post, where is it ?
by frank
06 Nov 2018 07:28
Forum: MOH
Topic: Issue with MOH on Analog phone
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Re: Issue with MOH on Analog phone

what brand and model of analog phonne ?
by frank
17 Apr 2018 09:52
Forum: MOH
Topic: Customermized MOH on R12.x
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Re: Customermized MOH on R12.x

Oldboy. I got plenty of files I did in the right format a long time ago.
Named 700, 701, 702, 703... I remember I had to upload them, rename them 700^ to make them active, I just never took any notes. And since it has been so long, I can't remember how I used to do it. Can you share the steps ? :)
by frank
16 Apr 2018 17:06
Forum: MOH
Topic: Customermized MOH on R12.x
Replies: 5
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Customermized MOH on R12.x

Hey all, It has been a LONG time since I played with customized MOH (whitout the help for the Audio Station). Could someone remind me where to upload my files (I used numbers to name them as I remember they need to match the dynamic voice guides) and how to activate them ? Or am I the only one doing...
by frank
29 Jan 2018 11:35
Forum: Beginner's questions about the (4400 / Enterprise) PHONE APPLICATION or OPERATING SYSTEM
Topic: PBX Interconnect
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Re: PBX Interconnect

If you route between OXE and CISCO, you can either use SIP or ISDN
Between OXEs, you can do ABC-F. You will need a license. If not, you can use a T1 and make it look like it's the public network between the 2 PBXs.
by frank
29 Jan 2018 11:33
Forum: Application
Topic: Accounting record report
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Re: Accounting record report

Just curious. Did you play with the Extended / Reduced format in the V24 output settings ?
by frank
29 Jan 2018 11:31
Forum: OmniVista 8770
Topic: FaultManager issue 8770
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Re: FaultManager issue 8770

I'm no expert in the 8770. I'd suggest to open a ticket with ALE.. and keep us up to date with the solution. Unless if someone else has one..
by frank
29 Jan 2018 11:30
Forum: Configuration
Topic: Annoucement
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Re: Annoucement

You can use master conference. but better would be to use an overhead paging system, like Cyberdata.
by frank
11 Jan 2018 10:15
Forum: SIP
Topic: SIP From Message
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Re: SIP From Message

did you solve this ?

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