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by ladf
11 Nov 2014 16:01
Forum: OmniSwitch 9000 / 9000E
Topic: OS9702 gateway failover configuration
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OS9702 gateway failover configuration

hello, I wanna know if there is a config that let me to failover between two gateways because adding two default gateway with different metric work on vlan basis, but i wonder if there is a solution that work on link basis and thus when a link going to the primary gateway goes down, the secondary ga...
by ladf
11 Nov 2014 15:57
Forum: OmniSwitch 9000 / 9000E
Topic: OS9702 Multi-Chassis Configuration
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OS9702 Multi-Chassis Configuration


I want just a sample config to give me an idea on how to configure it.

I have also a question, is the multi-chassis config can help me to have one config on two switches synchronized like in a stack mode for small switches ?

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