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by KoenC
04 Jul 2017 10:43
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Hoi Oxomaster, If you are using a desktop server, I can advise a Dialogic Diva BRI (ISDN) Media Board. This is a PCI card you put in to your desktop, and can act as an ISDN Modem. We've been using several servers with these cards in a serverpool for years to connect remotely to our PBX's. "The Dialo...
by KoenC
22 May 2017 08:29
Forum: DECT
Topic: 500 DECT
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Re: 500 DECT

Hi, These phones are end of life because of poor product quality, the best thing to do is buy a new equivalent (8242 or 8262). But if your really want to reset the device to factory default, you can do this by the menu or by the procedure below: 1) Press the OK button the access the menu 2) When the...
by KoenC
10 May 2017 08:26
Forum: Configuration
Topic: Special Physical Access key question
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Re: Special Physical Access key question

Hi Rumanchu, Why don't you use different trunk groups for each seperate analog line? So you can test each line independantly by forming the prefix of that specific trunk group?! If you configure different trunk groups, you can program a key for each trunk group on the phone: * Subscriber Keys --> (t...
by KoenC
10 May 2017 08:04
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Topic: Oxo with YEALINK restarts ramdomly
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Re: Oxo with YEALINK restarts ramdomly

Hi RSavia, Theres' is a well known bug with PBX resets on that Alcatel software release. They already released a new patch especially for that: R10.3/036.001. This Patch fixes the following issues: - Issues with offset 59th of the Noteworthy flag “Voipnwaddr - Unexpected PCX reset - Security enhance...
by KoenC
02 May 2017 09:47
Forum: Applications
Topic: call budgeting
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Re: call budgeting

Hi, I don't know if it's exactly what you want, but you can start bij configuring the outgoing call duration. By limiting a call duration, you can prevent every call of a specific user to exceed a certain amount. Verify what you pay per minute (check your provider bill) and multiply it to check how ...
by KoenC
02 May 2017 09:15
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Topic: OXO PCM-R2 Usage
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Re: OXO PCM-R2 Usage

Hi Guys, You can also use 'metering' to check the occupation of your lines. Just activate the metering over IP, install an Office Link Driver on your network and load the data to Excel. You can filter on the moment and check how many simultaneous external calls were made... Lots of fun :) Creating t...
by KoenC
02 May 2017 09:05
Forum: MAIN
Topic: adding SIP phone to oxo
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Re: adding SIP phone to oxo

Hi Lee, If your Oxo is licensed for IP phones, you can also install SIP phones... Just create an IP terminal in your subscribers/basestations list and change it to a basic SIP phone afterwards. Now you can set up the Gigaset en change it's network parameters by the web browser interface. Don't forge...
by KoenC
05 Jan 2017 06:06
Forum: JOBS
Topic: Alcatel Office 4200e Technical Files CD
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Re: Alcatel Office 4200e Technical Files CD

Hi Mezzaluna,

Try loading it with a 32-bit computer. I ran into the same problem with my Win10 64-bit and all worked well on my old laptop (Win 7 - 32bit).

Good luck
by KoenC
04 Jan 2017 08:01
Forum: Beginner's questions about the OmniPCX OFFICE
Topic: How to config DISA on OXO r10.3
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Re: How to config DISA on OXO r10.3

Dear Quoctrang, First of all, what you are trying to do contains some security risk. Hackers use this feature to break in to your system and use it for theire purposes. You can configure the following services simply by adding a remote substition number (free external phone number) in your Numbering...

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