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by MathieuLTP
19 Mar 2018 12:06
Forum: OmniSwitch 6450
Topic: Multicast IPTV
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Multicast IPTV

Hello ! I don't know very well multicast on ALacel switches and i need your help if possible. We have an octopus server who receive multicast Channels from TV Operator. ALl is OK. But we have pixelation, i don't know why. The main switch is 6450 U24 and the others 6450 P24 and 6350 P24 ALl Switchs h...
by MathieuLTP
29 Nov 2017 05:40
Forum: OmniSwitch 6250
Topic: Port Security on Link Port
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Port Security on Link Port

Hello !

Is it recommended to setup port security on the inter-switch port ?
We would like to avoid that someone come to connect any device on this port.
I know that this port learn a lo of @mac so i don't know how configure port security on this kind of port.

Thank you in advance.
by MathieuLTP
20 Oct 2017 09:12
Forum: OmniSwitch 6250
Topic: How to remove @mac learned ?
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How to remove @mac learned ?

Hello ALl ! I try on lab to use LPS on a switch 6250. I use these commands : port-security 1/1 admin-status enable port-security 1/1 maximum 1 port-security shutdown 10 convert-to-static enable port-security 1/1 max-filtering 0 port-security 1/1 violation shutdown It's OK to blocking port after viol...

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