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by kiran sahu
22 May 2019 07:55
Forum: OmniSwitch 6600 / 7000 / 8800
Topic: telnet/ssh switch access Microsoft Radius Authentication
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Re: telnet/ssh switch access Microsoft Radius Authentication

I had the option to get the Span design working with Dynamic Catalog. I have fabricated a cheat sheet with Snap by Snap headings for setting up Validated Switch Access with OS6850E switches and MS Server 2008R2. Email me for the record in the event that you need it.
by kiran sahu
21 May 2019 06:57
Forum: OmniSwitch 6450
Topic: Simple MAC Filter
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Re: Simple MAC Filter

At versatile ports labeling is preposterous. You can make at your essential switch the port 1/23 versatile (without labeling) and keep the port 1/10 labeled. Than you need at the essential switch "vlan 225 versatile tag empowered" (same for 200). In any case, don't forgett that the entrance switch i...

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