WLAN survey on IPT310

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WLAN survey on IPT310

Post by molloyser101 » 22 Jun 2009 10:48


I am new to the Alcatel systems, I am setting up a VoWLAN network and I want to check signal quality on the IPT 310 handset. I have the instructions on how to configure it for Site Survey as follows,

To start the site survey, you should:
• access to the Admin menu: when the handset is switched-off, press simultaneously the "Offhook"
and "Hang up" keys then release the "Hang up" key,
• enter the administrator password (123456),
• select the Diagnostics menu then Run Site Survey,
• validate,
• the test starts immediately.

But the phone tells me that "No Reg Domain Set"

Does the WLAN controller have to be connected to a phone system? I've tested that the DHCP Server is working on the Omniaccess 4302 as I've registered with my Laptop. I've added the SSID and the set the WPA-PSK passphrase on the phone but to no avail.

Thanks in Advance

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Re: WLAN survey on IPT310

Post by Rens_DUP » 28 Jun 2009 05:29

The IPT 310 is compatible with the diffrent WiFi standards in the World. In Europe we use the channels 1 to 13, In the US channels 1 to 11. So you have to configure the Regulatory Domain settings in the handset compatible to the Country your are based in.

Normaly I would use the software configuration tool with the USB cradle. But I believe you can also do this manualy from the handset. You go to Network Config > Reg. Domain and enter the two digits for the domain you're based in.

The following is from the manual incase the wrong domain was selected.

Regulatory Domain
The Regulatory Domain will default to North America on the handset display. FCC
requirements dictate that the menu for changing the domain be available by
password, which in our case is the LINE key. To change the domain, press LINE and
then enter the digits that represent the site’s domain. Note that both digits must be
01 - North America
02 - Europe (except Spain and France); Japan (channels 1-13)
04 - Spain
05 - France

I hope this helps


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Re: WLAN survey on IPT310

Post by silvio » 29 Jun 2009 10:57

If I remember right the Regdomain-message occured not in the admin-menu (where to set the regdomain). For access the admin-menu you have to switch off, press green key and hold it during switch-on. Than you can release the green key and you have to put in the admin password.
To change the regdomain you have to press the loudspeaker-key.

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Re: WLAN survey on IPT310

Post by molloyser101 » 17 Jul 2009 09:45

Thanks guys

That worked a treat


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