Registering multiple dect handsets at a time

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Registering multiple dect handsets at a time

Post by chris1911 » 03 May 2017 13:25


we are going to help out at a four days long event with round about 2000-3000 people and want to provide a dect system there.
The hardware is just fine: act28 with DECT4/DECT8 cards and lots of 4070 IA dect stations.
This is a somehow productive installation as the people shall be able to communicate with each other.
On the other side, the whole set up will be teared down at the end of the event.

The event orga cannot supply thousands of dect handsets to the participants, thus the participants shall bring their own dect handset.
We allow them to register their nic and desired phone number in advance and create the dect user in the pbx before the event starts.
Most of them will bring gigaset handsets, some may have reflexes 200/300/400, others may bring completely unknown handsets with them.
The handset compatibility is not an issue here. If the participant uses an unsupported handset, he/she is on his/her own.

The problem we do face now is, that it takes too long to register all the dect handsets with dectinston.
- Is it somehow possible to use multiple instances of dectinston (use separate base stations for the registration process)?
- Can one register a handset with some decent information about the hand sets in advance of the event (e.g. register the IPUI in the database?)
As the set up is only temporary, I am also willing to directly manipulate the database (cuser is your friend)

All hints and directions are welcome.



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