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Newbie to Alcatel PBX

Posted: 12 Sep 2019 13:40
by godinho
Hi everyone,

As part as my work requirements I should start train myself on Alcatel PBX. I don't know anything about Alcatel.

How can I get to know details about an installation / configuration and basics concepts guide?
Any youtube channel that helps with the basics of Alcatel PBX?
Any information about Alcatel and Cisco voice integration?

Thanks a lot for your info & help.

Re: Newbie to Alcatel PBX

Posted: 20 Jan 2020 12:22
by tot3nkopf
You can download the system documentation and start reading. No magic step by step available for large systems in general...
There are technical communications about different types of connections to Cisco. You can find some also on the internet.