LANX8 ports are not working

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LANX8 ports are not working

Post by Yasin » 12 Mar 2019 05:23

I have created LANX8-2 Board in OXE-CH Here in NBP-RHQ-LHR as following
mgr->Shelf->Board->Application Board->Application Type ->LANX8
Network ports are showing green lights on LANX8-2 Board.
But my network ports on my PC and Laptop both showing as disconnected. on other Alcatel 6212 switch both PC and Laptop are working
It means ports are still disabled on LANX8-2 Board.

Any clue to activate all ports on LANX8-2 Board?????
Yain Saleemi
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Re: LANX8 ports are not working

Post by vad » 12 Mar 2019 23:22

As I think - LANX8-2 - take from OXE just power. From management point of view - you declare board just to know, this place is occupied.
If board not working - you have problem with power in MG (what about another board, except CS and GD - working?) or with LANX8-2 board.

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