OXO Public SIP Trunking

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OXO Public SIP Trunking

Post by rajansuruli15 » 01 Aug 2017 08:24

Hi all,

We have oxo connected with SIP trunking in Public & Private. In private interconnected with some of the branches oxo. The private call works fine.
But when i make public Call its getting failed. If i see the trace, the "INVITE" message is going from PBX towards the ISP. But the ISP replies "404 not found".
If we check for the incoming trace i can't see the "INVITE" messages from ISP to our OXO . But ISP saying the are sending five time the "INVITE" message but our oxo's is not replying.

But in my trace , i can't see the ISP "INVITE" messages.

Attached the Trace file for Outgoing & incoming from mobile number 0788495371.

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Re: OXO Public SIP Trunking

Post by mgoegel » 01 Aug 2017 10:57

You are working with private IPs to your ISP, or do you have any kind of SBC in front?

In the 404 NOT FOUND I found this message:
Warning: 399 - "SoftX3000 R601-MSG Error ID:[32] Has not configure this user!"

Are you correctly authenticated, do you send the correct number?

Regards Mario

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