Outgoing calls from OXO via PRA-T2 card

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Outgoing calls from OXO via PRA-T2 card

Post by Rubik001 » 04 Jun 2018 06:30

I have an issue related to outgoing calls from OXO via PRA-T2 card.
I'm connecting the PRA to a E1 card (ETSI PRI) in a MSAN,wjich is connected via SIP to a Lab SIP Server.
The layer1 seems OK, no alarms.
I can make calls from MSAN to OXO, but when I try to call from OXO susbcriber, after the dialling is finished, I get congestion or busy tone immediatelly.
I suspect something is missing in my OXO configuration to allow the outgoing calls. Hope somebody can help.
The current configuration is below.
When I call to number 2200, the call is correctly routed to OXO, and the user 104 rings, and the call is established.
But when I dial from 104 subscriber 02001, which should be translated to 2001, I get busy one.

Installation Numbers Table:
Installation Number: 2
International Prefix 00
International Code 34
Intercity Prefix 02
Intercity Code 02
Recall Prefix (empty)
Alternative System CLIP 2200

Numbering Plans Table:
Internal Numbering Plan
Main Trunk Group Start:0 End:0 Base: ARS NMT:Keep (Is it correct?)
External Numbering Plan
Subscriber Start:100 End:199 Base: 104 NMT:Drop
Subscriber Start:200 End:299 Base: 104 NMT:Drop
Subscriber Start:500 End:525 Base: 500 NMT:Drop
Restricted Public Numbering Plan: EMPTY
Private Numbering Plan: EMPTY
End Of Dialing Table:
Prefix:0 Counter:0 Open Dialing

Subscriber/Basestation List
01-005-01 104 Clasico
01-006-01 105 Clasico

External Lines
List of Access:
02-001-01 T2 P001 30 Channels
Additional details:
Protocol Type: EDSS1
Direction of B-Channel
Bi-directional: 30
Public trunk (Checked)
Fixed TEI: 0

List Of Trunk Groups:
Index 1: 02-001-01 T2 P001 30 Channels

Automatic Routing: Prefixes
Activation: Yes
Network: pub
Prefix: 02
Ranges: 001 – 010
Substitute: 2 (with the NMT:Keep, the 02 is translated to 2 ?)
TrGrList: 1
Called (ISVPN/H450): het

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Re: Outgoing calls from OXO via PRA-T2 card

Post by Rubik001 » 12 Jun 2018 11:11

I was finally able to make the outgoing calls from PBX.
The issue was related to the configuration of LC category for subscribers and trunks.
It seems by default the calls via trunks are restricted by default.

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