licence regarding OPEN SIP for SIP PHONE

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licence regarding OPEN SIP for SIP PHONE

Post by xtra121 » 27 Jul 2018 11:46

Hi all,

I've been struggling with me supplier to get Expert OMC password and enable SIP to use an ALCATEL IP1550 conf working.
He told me it would need specific licence...
Once SIP activated (instead of H323) in the SIP config I got the IP 1550 working as a "basic SIP Phone".

I agree I should subscribe an open SIP licence to get advanced fonction such as beeing able to make several call in a conference...

Me supplier says an Open SIP licence can only be provided with 4 softphone licence, including the installation it reaches 421 € !!!
I guess he's taking me for a fool (again ...)

I can see that single OPEN SIP Licence is for sale at 40-60€ on the net which is much more afordable.

The question now is a can I install the licence to OXO ?

I found some topics talking about leaving the keys in an FTP folder, but I could not find a way to reach any FTP on the OXO...

OXO is R10.1, i have access to full OMC.

thanks for your advices.

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Re: licence regarding OPEN SIP for SIP PHONE

Post by cavagnaro » 27 Jul 2018 17:22

On the net? Where?
The thing goes like this

A BP pays a quite nice amount of money to ALE to be a partner.
BP needs to sale quite good number so they have benefits like better prices and training
When they sell an OXO or OXE then, the customer and CPU is registered against that BP only. Is his customer.
Another BP can't quite go and sale for same customer... Would be a market depredations and no BP would ever agree on that.
So, when you say you find a guy who sells licenses is quite impossible.
They need the cpu number which is registered against that BP
They can't generate licenses just because

Now the price and group is usually sold in number of 5, funny to see a single license

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