Huntgroup or attendance

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Huntgroup or attendance

Post by miguelmirandag »

Hellow guys, i am coming to request you help, i have a new job where the new company has an omnipcx pbx. I have a request to do the following configuration and i am not sure if it posible and if so, it can be done using huntgroups or attendance groups.

- I have 3 working extensions (subscribers): 444, 451, 408.
- I need to configure some how that if you dial 444 and the call is not answered in 10 seconds it should jump to extension 451, but it should stop ringing on 444 extension, it is obvious that the 444 owner is not available to answer the call.
- After another 10 seconds if the call is not answered in 451 extension it should jump to 408 extension, again without ringing on 444 and 451 extensions,
- After all the process if none of the 3 extensions answer, the call will be hung up without further processing


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Re: Huntgroup or attendance

Post by rkraehen »

Hi miguelmirandag,
This looks to me more like a feature that can be done with the OXO ACD app (activated by license). As a workaround and with a recent OXO Connect rel. you could use the dynamic routing feature of the first set 444 and cascade the call with up to five other sets.
With internal destinations, all the sets keep on ringing until somebody is picking up the call. If you use the dynamic routing with an external destination (eg. mobile) then the internal sets will stop ringing when the call is routed external.

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