OmniPck Office Mangement Console

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OmniPck Office Mangement Console

Post by sette » 15 Dec 2017 04:11

Hi, how can I give more than 1 subnet to my IPBX?

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Re: OmniPck Office Mangement Console

Post by hnorbi » 24 Jan 2018 15:18

I'm not an expert in Alcatel, but I'm good in networking :)
So if you have an another subnet, you need a router what can route into the first subnet.
For DHCP in Alcatel you need set a dhcp-helper / dhcp-relay feature in the router.

But if there are an alcatel networking expert, can told the best solution!

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Re: OmniPck Office Mangement Console

Post by cavagnaro » 24 Jan 2018 15:55

Subnet? Like another IP? Then no way. You router can route it but OXO can't have two ip addresses

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