SIP licenses output

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SIP licenses output

Post by melozurdo »

Hi guys,

Can anybody of you explain me what´s the meaning of the following output for "spadmin" command? Need to know if we have SIP licenses already installed or not. Need to know this: Ensure that the system has enough licenses available against the SIP Gateway, Advanced IP users, SIP users, Standard IP users with respect to the configuration requirement. This is for a possible integration with our Cisco servers.

Advanced IP Users : 1/15
Standard IP Users : 13/0
Total IP Users : 14/15
SIP Users : 0/0
4645 Engine : 0
4645 Voice Mail Boxes : 0/0
OmniPCX Enterprise : 1
4645 Network : 0
4645 Additional Lang. : 0/0
Integrated Gatekeeper : 0
SIP Gateway : 0

Thanks very much in advance.

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Re: SIP licenses output

Post by mgsox »

as far as I can tell you have no license for SIP users or SIP External GW.
you can connect oxe and cisco using IP trunk also (license needed if you do not have).

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