More Surplus!: Alcatel Lucent 9980 PAEC Echo Cancel?????

Someone asked me "Is there a website were I can find pictures of equipement ?".
The only answer I could give was "No, but let me take care of that..."

So now, we have the forum. If you can take picture of boards, details, phones, and upload it, we would appreciate !
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More Surplus!: Alcatel Lucent 9980 PAEC Echo Cancel?????

Post by Alcatelbuyer » 21 Aug 2013 00:43

We have this on the shelf looking for a new home!
Alcatel Lucent 9980 PAEC Bundle Packet Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Feel free to use the picture if you need it- email me if you need more specifics-

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This is a REALly nice looking product very fancy for something that just does Echo Cancellation (cell?)

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