IP Touch 4028 no tftp response error

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IP Touch 4028 no tftp response error

Post by TheKoolestIP2 » 05 May 2017 18:10

Hi, I have a IP Touch 4028 phone that I'm trying to get working. A remote site sent me this phone. I have created a tunnel between the sites and I'm able to access their phone server's web interface on their private network via the tunnel. I've been told to program the 4028 with a local IP and gateway and set their phone system as the TFTP address. The phone won't connect to their server. It keeps saying "no tftp response" and I'm not sure how to fix this.

My network:
My phone:
VPN tunnel to their network
Their network:
Their phone server:

If I put a computer on my network I can reach the web interface of so I know the tunnel isn't the issue. Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: IP Touch 4028 no tftp response error

Post by cavagnaro » 05 May 2017 19:52

Please search the forum, this kinda questions are like the most posted lately. Always the same answer, something on your network.

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Re: IP Touch 4028 no tftp response error

Post by Blackpepper » 26 Sep 2017 01:50

Check Firewall to allow the tftp Port or NAT zu tftp Server.
Port 80 looks like it works generally.

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