How do you change the software version of MSM?

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How do you change the software version of MSM?

Post by DONGJOON,KIM » 14 Jan 2009 20:50


I need your advice.

If there are 2 SSM's and 1 MSM have the same software version(ex:06) and 1 MSM has different version(ex:05) on the same node with OmniPCX environment therefore, a INTIP2 board which related
with the MSM has the only different version is contiuously rebooted.

So I'd like to ask you how to stop the INTIP2 board rebooting.

I suppose just update the MSM version like the other security modules version, but I don't know
how to update the MSM version, do you know? If you know how, please inform me, thank you.

If you need more information for solving this problem, just tell me.

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Re: How do you change the software version of MSM?

Post by jasic » 16 Jan 2009 06:54

Try to earse the MSM configuration and make a new init.

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Re: How do you change the software version of MSM?

Post by axel_h_DUP » 30 Jan 2009 02:27

MSMs will update themselves. If there is spanning tree port fast enabled the update likely will fail. A workaround will be to let it run up connected to a plain SSM-port. This issue has been discussed before, I also ran into that. So you need to check with the network admin. If it doesn´t help: erase all settings and try again. I never had faulty Thales boxes but you never know.

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Re: How do you change the software version of MSM?

Post by tamil.ece2003 » 12 Sep 2009 23:57

Solution for this issue is to use an external PC to perform the upgrade:

1- Install a TFTP server on the PC
2- Install the bin_SM and bin_SM2 binaries. These files are in /usr2/downbin folder of the OXE.
3- With the command init on the box, configure on a static address on the PC that will be in the same sub network as the Thales box
hange on the Thales box the entry TFTP1 address with the new IP address of the PC
4- Remove the Thales box from the network
5- a) For SSM, connect a cable from the PC to the CLEAR PORT
5- b) For MSM, connect a cable from the PC to the CIPHER PORT
6- Connect on the V24 port of the Thales box and perform the reboot command
7- Observe on the V24 connection the update of the binary.

Be careful that there is no power loss on the box during the upgrade process otherwise the Flash will be empty and the box out of service.

8- Check with the info -v command the value of the software version

9- With command init on the console, restore the initial TFTP 1 address

Then the Thales boxes are updated with the new binaries. Also check the Spanning Tree Configuration in switches.

Please do this force upgrade of MSM binaries.

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Re: How do you change the software version of MSM?

Post by frank » 05 Oct 2009 16:31

If not, like it is said, Spanning tree block the upgrade because of the delay.

You would have to remove spanning tree from the switch where the box is connected, and this should do it !
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