8028 PC Passthrough VLAN Problem

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8028 PC Passthrough VLAN Problem

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Hi guys.

I am having trouble with getting the PC port on the phone to work.
  • When I plug a PC into the PC port on the phone, the PC does not get a network connection (no IP address, cannot reach DHCP server). The phone works perfectly.
  • When the PC is plugged directly into the switch, network connectivity works just fine.
The switch (HP 1920 - Comware-based) is setup with Voice VLAN 2 and untagged VLAN/PVID 3.

This used to work when the native/untagged VLAN was 1, but we're changing that as part of a network segregation exercise.

Are there any settings that one must change on the IPTouch so that the VLAN config works? From what I know, most IP phones automatically pass untagged frames through to the native VLAN configured on the switchport.

Thank you!
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