ipTouch 40x8 dot1x enable tls 1.2

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ipTouch 40x8 dot1x enable tls 1.2

Post by thadude » 18 Sep 2017 05:23

Hi all,

We're using 802.1x and let our Alcatel wired phones (ipTouch 4028/4038) authenticate by our radius server before they gain access to the network. After updating our radius server in our testing environment dot1x authentication on the ipTouch fails.
When we toggle the option 'Use TLS 1.2' on the phone it authenticates fine. Can i enable this option centrally for all phones via OmniVista, telnet webinterface, API etc..? I know some settings can be configured via telnet "dot1x tls on" > reset but this option seems to be able to only enable TLS 1.0 and not TLS 1.2.

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Re: ipTouch 40x8 dot1x enable tls 1.2

Post by dbruder » 19 Sep 2017 03:33

telnet to the phone and use the following tls-command after "dot1x tls on": tls tls12 on

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Re: ipTouch 40x8 dot1x enable tls 1.2

Post by tgn » 19 Sep 2017 13:44

Since following versions a new embedded command "tls" is available on iptouch sets:
40x8: 4.34.01
80x8: 4.52.02
or OXE versions at least:

Syntaxe: tls
tls10 on/off | tls12 on/off | extension on/off | ticket on/off

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