Incvisu Bad Frame Incident ...

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Incvisu Bad Frame Incident ...

Post by abhishekawasthi_12 » 22 May 2012 02:25

I am getting an incident as follows :-

21/05/12 07:37:25 000001M|003/02/-/---|=0:3773=Bad frame Acc 0 (S=0x82) ABT=1b T
OT=0x964c Nok=0x0dcb

The incinfo reads the incident as follows :-

(1)bnp_bank> incinfo GEA 3773

Network indicator: Alcatel 4400
EVENT TYPE: EquipmentAlarm (4)
SEVERITY: Indeterminate

"Bad frame Acc P1 (S=0xP2) ABT=P3 TOT=0xP4P5 Nok=0xP6P7"
"Acc: HDLC Access number"
"S : Status register value."
"ABT: ratio (%): nb aborted frames/total nb bad frames (current sample)"
"TOT: Size of the current sample ; sum of all frames : good+aborted+bad CRC"
"Nok: nb bad received frames : aborted+bad CRC (current sample)."
"Bad HDLC frames are received by an ISDN coupler. These bad frames consist"
"either in aborted frames or in frames wich a bad CRC."
"The cause of this error is either a real problem with a harware"
"component or a synchronisation problem (synchro slip). The given"
"counters will be reseted every 10000 received frames. In case of a line with"
"noise, most errors will be CRC errors : the ABT value should be near zero."
"The Nok/TOT ratio give an idea of the loss of quality of service."
"no reaction of the system"
"On a PRA2 or BPRA2 coupler, don't forget to verify that the T2"
"straps are well set in the symetrical mode!"
"Verify the synchro configuration ; try with another board if""
"possible ; else signal the problem."";

Please help me withis incident as I am getting many such incidents... :)

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