AudioCodes Pont-toPoint MP-11x

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AudioCodes Pont-toPoint MP-11x

Post by highctl » 26 Nov 2014 06:35


We bought two AudioCodes equipment, one mp114 - 4FXS and mp118 – 8FXO.
I am needing help setting up the following scenario:
I have two points inside my local network, and I need to send two analog lines arriving at point A, to point B.

So, I put both devices on the same network, at point A the mp118 getting the lines on FXO ports 1 and 2, with IP address 192.168.x.16 and point B the mp114 with IP address 192.168.x.15, which I want to connect trunk positions of my analog PBX. On FXS ports 1 and 2.

can anyone help me with this setup?

in short, I just want to make a bridge.

Firmware Version 6.60A.241.010

Thank you.

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