Unable to backup on network

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Unable to backup on network

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I manage a network of 2 crystal OXEs, and I used to backup on network (via swinst) the mao, voice and accounting data, saving the backups on each other.

After upgrading from R7.1 to R11.0.1 I'm unable to perform the backup on network, getting an 'Acces denied' message (using swinst as user for remote node):

Code: Select all

2 Expert Menu
4 Backup & restore operations
1 Inmediate backup operations
2 Inmediate backup on network
1 Backup mao, voice and accounting data

  Name of remote host (default -> 
  Name of user on (default swinst) -> 
  Name of remote file (full path) -> /usr4/BACKUP/IMMED/node1-mao-voice-accounting
Access denied
This backup is not registered
¿Any advice?


Alejandro Espinosa

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