user password management

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user password management

Post by sunder.J » 13 Jun 2014 06:24

I want to enable password security feature for MTCL account, post enabling is there any way of getting alert from PBX that the password is about to expire. Please note the customer is not using omnivista. Also what will happen If MTCL password is not changed post the expiry date.

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Re: user password management

Post by tgn » 19 Jun 2014 12:33

I don't know such an incident... if there is an incident message, you can send an snmp trap.

or the better way... take an external radius server and authenticate the users against this server. the radius server now take care of the password exporation and has to inform the users when the password is getting old. also i think an M$ AD also can work as an radius server. so you can use your window account name and password.

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