OPS file in BICS

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OPS file in BICS

Post by FrankyJ » 17 Apr 2009 02:23

I´ve got a BICS 2 with a key. I installed the key via graphical startup interface. After that I installed a old backup with my default settings. Now I want to get the right key back in. When I try this, I always get the message that the cpu ID is wrong.

any Ideas?


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Re: OPS file in BICS

Post by Gedeon » 18 Apr 2009 08:07

The old backup is database backup of OXE ?
If the database don't come from BICS, the license policy is to check the CPU-Id.
ON BICS, the policy is to check the USB key through BICS system, with flexlm server.
You must manage this in System/License if my memory is good. See Bics documentation or TC on BPWS.


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