Both CMM's stuck at uboot

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Both CMM's stuck at uboot

Post by 1pc0nf1g » 13 Nov 2017 10:54


I have a 9700 that will not boot past uboot. Getting the error "bad magic number" on startup and when trying to get to miniboot. Is there a good resource/guide for restoring the file system on the flash? I did see a procedure for USB restore, however I cannot use a USB thumbdrive as those are not allowed at the facility I work in.

So far I've tried TFTP boot with no luck. I do have other 9700's available with working CMM's, I thought of trying to flash-synchro off of one of those but I didn't know if that will work or if there's a better way of restoring the switch.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Both CMM's stuck at uboot

Post by devnull » 15 Nov 2017 10:53

Please post more output.
If you can access miniboot you can try to recover using X/Zmodem see should be similar for CMM in 9700 otherwise search board here.

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