Problem of 828 days - again ?

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Problem of 828 days - again ?

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Hi gyus,

We faced with so called problem of 828 days on our OmniSwitch 9702E.

When router reaches this uptime (828 days) all L3 services (OSPF/BGP/VRRP) become unavailable.

Today was 828 days and we got this problem but... this shouldn't have happene as we have AOS version R01 where this issue was resolved.
In Release Notes for states that statring from version this bug fixed.

Could anyone, please, find release and attached here notes for AOS and if it's possible find detail description of this problem according PR number of this issue? PR 227004.

PR 227004 Build:
Summary: OS9700E: OSPF and VRRP toggled because of 828 days uptime issue.
Explanation: Fix is to convert 32-bit tick based timer variables into 64-bit variables and corresponding APIs to support the same in OSPF and VRRP modules.
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