Omniswitch 6400 - how to tag a SFP port

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Omniswitch 6400 - how to tag a SFP port

Post by burtzz » 26 May 2015 04:58

Hi guys,

I'm completely new to Alcatel switching.
My experience comes from HP and Cisco products.

I configuring a simple scenario with one core switch and 3 edge.
All edge switches connect to the Core using fiber uplink with an SFP.

I have 2 vlans, the default vlan and vlan10. I have ports tagged on vlan10 on all switches.

I'm trying to propagate vlan10 from core to all edge switches, so I need to tag the uplink ports.

And here's is the problem, I can't manage to find where I configure the tag on the SFP port.

Over in "interface configuration" menu, the fiber uplinks appear as Hybrid Interfaces 1 2 3 4.

In 802.1Q (port tagging) how can I select these ports?
Because I guess if I tag Slot 1 Port 1 I will be tagging the copper interface and not the fiber, right?

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Re: Omniswitch 6400 - how to tag a SFP port

Post by rekeds » 26 May 2015 12:37

vlan 20 802.1q 1/1-4
something like that?

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Re: Omniswitch 6400 - how to tag a SFP port

Post by devnull » 08 Jun 2015 03:35

Hybrid ports mean you can use Copper or SFP (same as hybrid ports in Cisco), but you configure the port (1/1) regardless of media that you use.
Cisco is same: you configure gig eth 0/24 and not "the sfp part only"
So tagging vlan 10 to the ports 1/1 is
vlan 10 802.1q 1/1
vlan 10 802.1q 1/2
vlan 10 802.1q 1/3
vlan 10 802.1q 1/4, as rekeds already stated

You know that you used a wrong categorty for the thread?

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