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interrupt the boot

Post by klopez » 26 Jul 2018 09:38

Good Morning,
I have to reset the password on 2 of the switches I have but one of them does not allow me to interrupt the boot process. Has any one ran into this issue? Also how can I resolve it? Below I posted the output when the switch boots up.

▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ծ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒USB2 Host Stack Initialized.
USB Hub Driver Initialized
USBD Wind River Systems, Inc. 562 Initialized
M824xHCI Controller found.
Waiting to attach to USBD...Done.
0xffffde0 (tRootTask): usbBulkDevInit() returned OK
usbCbiUfiDevInit() returned OK
CBI Class Driver Successfully Initialized

TFFS detected, mounting TFFS file system

Adding 10822 symbols for standalone.

Boot parameters are:

'tffs(0,0)lanswitch:default e= h= g=10. 255.24.181 cb=9600 cp=none cs=1 cw=8 cm=modemControlOff'

AOS kernel version:
VxWorks (for Freescale MPC8247 ADS) version VxWorks5.5.1
KERNEL: WIND version 2.6
Made on Feb 3 2016, 06:55:52.
Copyright Wind River Systems, Inc., 1984-2006

CPU: Freescale MPC8247 ADS. Processor #0.
Memory Size: 256 MBytes. BSP version 1.2/1.

Portions of code copyrighted by Agranat Systems, Inc. All Rights reserve d
Portions of code copyrighted by Alcatel Internetworking, Inc. 1994-2016. All Rights reserved
Portions of code copyrighted by Apptitude, Inc. 1997-1999. All Rights re served
Portions of code copyrighted by Free Software Foundation, Inc. 1989,1991. All rights reserved
Portions of code copyrighted by The OpenLDAP Foundation 1999-2000. All r ights reserved
Portions of code copyrighted by Theodore T'so 1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,19 99. All Rights reserved
Portions of code copyrighted by RSA Security, Inc. All Rights reserved
Portions of code copyrighted by Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights reserv ed
Portions of code copyrighted by Wind River Systems, Inc. All Rights rese rved
Portions of code developed by the University of California, Berkeley.
Portions of code developed by the Carnegie-Mellon University.

Target Name: vxTarget
User: target
Attaching network interface lo0... done.

The current date and time is:
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC): THU JUL 26 13:42:01 2018
Local time: THU JUL 26 09:42:01 2018 EDT

Starting dynamic software load from '/flash/certified/'...

THU JUL 26 09:42:11 : SYSTEM (75) info message:
+++ Switch Logging device '/dev/console' enabled for output

THU JUL 26 09:42:11 : CSM-CHASSIS (103) info message:
+++ == CSM == === Chassis Supervision Starting Up ===
sysStartWatchdog() Starting watchdog timer to INTERRUPT after 240 secs.

THU JUL 26 09:42:15 : CSM-CHASSIS (103) info message:
+++ == CSM == ===== THIS STACK(1) IS PRIMARY from certified =====

THU JUL 26 09:42:19 : HSM-CHASSIS (101) info message:
+++ T1:Ni Insertion detected on slot 1
+++ ==== HSM === Power Supply 1 is OPERATIONAL

THU JUL 26 09:42:43 : WEB (69) info message:
+++ WebView SSL/RSA source-based certificate setup successful!

THU JUL 26 09:43:00 : CCM-CHASSIS (100) info message:
+++ === CCM === csCcmEoicFunc: send CCM_CSM_EOIC OK

THU JUL 26 09:43:00 : CLI (67) info message:
+++ Starting new CLI console session
login : Successfully sent the I2C read message to NISUP!!

THU JUL 26 09:43:20 : INTERFACE (6) info message:
+++ NIs are ready

login :

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