How to close "well known" ports

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How to close "well known" ports

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We have a 6855 switch which we would like to boot up with none of the "well known" ports open, such as ftp, snmp, etc. I've found the commands to shut off all but a few.

When I enter "show udp ports", however, I still get these coming up.
dhcp bootp (port 68)
vsinet (port 996)
maitrd (port 997)

I was sure to shut down the dhcp server, so I thought that 68 might have something to do with a dhcp client, but I can't find a command to shut it down.

I couldn't find ANY information in the Alcatel docs on what ports 996 and 997 are used for on the switch, or how to shut them down.

Can anyone offer some insight on how I can be sure to close those ports?

. | homas

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