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Post by wii » 03 Aug 2017 18:50

Hello all,

I was doing the upgrade for this system and I messed up ...I FTP the images to "certified" instead of "working". Now when the switch is rebooted it goes into MiniBoot mode.

AOS miniboot version:
VxWorks (for Alcatel CMM Motorola MPC8248) version VxWorks5.5.1
KERNEL: WIND version 2.6
Made on Dec 15 2008, 21:33:19.
Copyright Wind River Systems, Inc., 1984-2006

CPU: Motorola MPC8248. Processor #0.
Memory Size: 0xfa00000 (250 MB). BSP version 1.2/1.

Attempting to load from the CERTIFIED directory...
Loading kernel from '/flash/certified/K2os.img'...
Cannot find component(alcatelNetworking_kernel.lnk) in package(/flash/certified/K2os.img)!
Cannot find component(kernel.lnk) in package(/flash/certified/K2os.img)!
Unable to load kernel image from file '/flash/certified/K2os.img'.
Unable to boot from the CERTIFIED software release.

I've tried to transfer the files by using Zmodem but the file isn't transferring.

Can someone please show me how to fix this issue? Thank you!
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Re: 6850-U24X

Post by Sidlahar » 10 Aug 2017 01:56

Hi wii,

maybe it is possible to boot from working directory. please check folowing:

[Miniboot]->setNextRunningVersion 2
value = 1 = 0x1

These commands are for OS6250, but maybe they are the same for OS6850.


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