Stack switches showing unpowered

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Stack switches showing unpowered

Post by rafeecisco » 06 Dec 2017 22:34

i have an alcatel stack with 4 modules, recently there was an issue and i can see switches 2-4 are showing up in stack "show stack topology" but i can't see any interfaces also when checking the output of "show ni" , 2-4 switches show Admin status as "Power on" but Operational status is showing "UNPOWERED".

Could someone help and suggest what has gone wrong.

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Re: Stack switches showing unpowered

Post by silvio » 07 Dec 2017 02:21

Make a reload with the whole stack. Also it is a good idea to make an update to the newest release - maybe this is a known issue.
if you would like to know the reason of this issue than you have to open a ticket at Alcatel (and you have to give a lot more informations).

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