configuring ntp services

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configuring ntp services

Post by madidi123456789malo » 20 Mar 2018 09:21

Hi Everyone,

I am configuring NTP in my 6850 Alcatel switch ,Switch is not synchronised with NTP server
NTP configuration as below , anyone suggest how to resolve this issue .
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Re: configuring ntp services

Post by devnull » 21 Mar 2018 03:31

try to wait some time, but if you want to get time from a server that is NOT synced against some Master clock (from your output visible as it is stratum 16) it will not work.

From Manual:
The NTP protocol discards the NTP servers that are unsynchronized.

To disable an NTP client from invoking tests for NTP server synchronization, enter the
ntp server unsynchronized command, as shown:

-> ntp server unsynchronized

Disabling peer synchronization tests allows the NTP client to synchronize with either an NTP peer that is not synchronized with an atomic clock or a network of NTP servers that will finally synchronize with an atomic clock."

ntp server unsynchronized
should help

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