dhcp configure

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dhcp configure

Post by mayyola » 08 Dec 2018 00:01

hello everyone

i have question to ask i want use OmniSwitch 6850 to set up dhcp

how can i use dhcp ip just for a port or a vlan not for all ports (ex: one port is dhcp ip other port for static ip )


server-identifier alcatel-lucent.com;
subnet netmask {
dynamic-dhcp range {
option subnet-mask;
option routers;
option domain-name-servers;
option dhcp-lease-time 3000;

PingDelay = 200
PingAttempts = 3
PingSendDelay = 1000
DefaultLease = 86400

dhcpd.conf and dhcpd.cpy,i already put in /flash/switch

how can i set up to a port use dhcp ip for a switch and then switch for many computer


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