How to split multicast network

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How to split multicast network

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I'm trying to learn how to split single multicast network to reduce broadcast domains for IPTV.

Our simplified network map is:

[ R1: Multicast router / Querier] ---- [SW-AG: Aggregation sw (OS6400)] ---- [SW-AC: Access sw ] ---- [customer]

- there is one multicast router to which are connected many aggregation switches
- to one aggregation switch are connected many access switches
- to one access switch are connected clients

R1 is routing unicast and multicast traffic for IPTV on single VLAN, connected through SW-AG, SW-AC to customer with VLAN TAG.
Many internet VLANs are connected to SW-AG. 1-2 of them are connected to SW-AC and one to customer as native VLAN.

I'm looking for a way to split single multicast VLAN on SW-AG to several VLANs, but without duplicate same streams between R1 and SW-AG.

I thinking about PIM, but OS6400 doesn't support it.
I looking at IPMVLAN, but in Enterprise mode multicast streams are sent to UNI ports as native VLAN.
In IPMVLAN in stacking mode there is need to create one stacking service for every Internet VLANs (with cVLAN = sVLAN). This looks laborious.

Is there any simpler solution?

Thank for any advice.

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Re: How to split multicast network

Post by silvio »

correct. You need MC-routing like PIM or DVMRP. But this is an advanced routing feature and needs OS6850E, OS6860, OS6900...
So it will be the best way to invest in a new hardware (actual OS6860E).
You can try a lot of other things (f.e. pinhole between two ports in different vlans and write some policies .....). But there will be other issues with such not supported things. So my proposol is new switch if you need better performance. BTW the 6400 is since a long time end of sales, end of service end of all.....


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How to split multicast network

Post by byronwak »

Apologies for re-using this thread. I think my query doesnt need to start a new one.

Im keen in doing the reverse, whats the easiest way to merge .VOB files?

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