Erasing entire flash memory

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Erasing entire flash memory

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We have a OS6400 switch and couldn't manage the switch by console port. Because entire flash memory , all sectors had been erased with command "erase all" in uboot mode.Now we couldn't get access uboot or miniboot modes of the switch.The console port is working properly but there is nothing on the terminal windows when we connect by serial console.How can we fix uboot mode? Thanks.

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Re: Erasing entire flash memory

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hi, even if you erase entire flash you should be able to access uboot and miniboot. I never used command "erase all" for obvious reason but I'd say you should try change console cable or settings. At least something should be seen in console. When I had corrupted switch I saw at least this message :

U-Boot ( (for OS6400, OS6850, and OS6855 platforms) (Mar 19 2010 - 17:59:35)

CPU: MPC8247 (HiP7 Rev 14, Mask 1.0 1K50M) at 400 MHz
Board: Alcatel OS6850 (Kite II)
I2C: ready
DRAM: 256 MB

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Re: Erasing entire flash memory

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Hi ethnotronix, have the same problem. Does you solve this issue? Thanks!

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Re: Erasing entire flash memory

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Hi All,
I Have the same problem... I have launch "erase all" from UBOOT and now the os6400-48 can't start. the terminal windows of putty are black and on the switch appear only the "0" ( zero) and power led.
How can I solve?


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