Create 2 untagged vlan to split switch

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Create 2 untagged vlan to split switch

Post by rniesen »

I'm trying to slit a OS6400 into 2 seperated switches by:<br/>
- create vlan 2<br/>
-> assing vlan 2 to 12 ports as untagged<br/>
-> other 12 ports stays on vlan 1 untagged<br/>
-> save to mem<br/>
-> copy working to certified<br/>
When I connect the switch to a higher switch with 2 cablas, 1 for vlan 1 and 1 for vlan 2, we get a loop.<br/>
I test this also => conenct a port of vlan 1 to a port of vlan 2 on the same witch.<br/>
The port on vlan 2 was blokked.<br/>
I tried this with other brands, I it was working.<br/>
In the attachment the cleaned up config.<br/>
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Re: Create 2 untagged vlan to split switch

Post by silvio »

I assume that the other switch uses flat STP. This means that the STP calculation don't consider the different vlans and do see a loop. Alcatel switch uses per default 1x1 = per vlan STP. You can disable STP at the ports if you are sure that you don't create a loop within the same vlan.

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