OmniStack 6200 details

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OmniStack 6200 details

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Alcatel-Lucent - What they say about their product: wrote:The Alcatel-Lucent OmniStack 6200 Stackable LAN Switches (SLS) are a family of stackable Ethernet switches that address enterprise and residential networking needs. They are 12, 24 or 48 port Fast Ethernet fixed configuration, 10/100 copper or 24 100BaseX fiber layer-2 switches that deliver the advanced features and services demanded by users.

The switches securely support advanced quality of service (QoS) with advanced user and traffic classification capabilities for exceptional video, voice, and data performance. These compact switches have a one unit (1U) high form factor that support an all-in-one stackable design.

The OmniStack 6200 comes with a comprehensive set of features making it perfect for:
  • Enterprise workgroups
  • LAN wiring closets
  • Edge deployments
  • Small/medium-sized businesses and branch offices
  • Deployments requiring Power-over-Ethernet
  • Non-PoE - OmniStack 6212, OmniStack 6224, OmniStack 6248
  • PoE - OmniStack 6212P, OmniStack 6224P and OmniStack 6248P
  • Fiber - OmniStack 6224U
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise web site / OmniStack 6200

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