Omnistack 6224 and 6248

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Omnistack 6224 and 6248

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I am trying to do port scans from a management server on all my 6200 series switches (320 in all).
I set up SNMP and use the correct snmp community strings on both the switches and the server and when I initiate the port scan then it fails and I get the following message on the console of my switch: Access attempted by unauthorized NMS.
My 6800 switches work fine.
Please help.

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here exemple of snmp config

snmp-server engineID local 80001956030012cf821400 --> is automatic generate via command (look in doc for engineID)
snmp-server location bureau
snmp-server contact Team
snmp-server community community_name rw view DefaultSuper --> ip of snmp station
snmp-server host community_name traps 2 -- idem a below

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