Redundancy Functionality has been disabled

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Redundancy Functionality has been disabled

Post by kakahero80 » 01 Apr 2017 08:30

I am using two CSs CS1 is the main and CS2 is stand-by,

When I use the command role -b the result shows only the Main

Role of the CPU : MAIN

When I use the command twin the result shows:
duplicated configuration : NO
transmission CPU-CPU : Ready
Telephony redundancy : KO
Monitel redundancy : KO
Memloader redundancy : Ready
All applications redundancy : KO

I can't see the Stand-by CPU if is not ready or not?
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Re: Redundancy Functionality has been disabled

Post by frank » 01 Apr 2017 23:38

You literally have the answer in the command TWIN (the png you attached).
The database does not seem duplicated, and most likely the stand by CPU is ON, but the PHONE application is OFF.

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Then telnet to CPUB , then "master copy -s cpu_main" , with "cpu_main" being the name of your CS1
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