Trace ISDN

All those commands that we don't really use very often, but that we should ! Documented or not, they worth it !
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Trace ISDN

Post by donbru01 » 14 Apr 2017 18:05

Hi guys , i need to trace each dtmf sended via PRI from Provider .
I have OXE that work fine from 5 year , it manage 2 PRI and 300 analog device connected to contact-id alarm receiver ( train 16 DTMF 50ms/50ms ) .
Now i have 50% error some DTMF Digit are dropped , i receive 14-15 DTMF and not all .
I suppose provider switch our backbone on voip and it have some issue with dtmf-relay .
Before create incident report to provider i want verify if on pri channel i have issue
Thanx in advance

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