MeshPoint remains in State "Unprovisioned"

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MeshPoint remains in State "Unprovisioned"

Post by DonMartin » 26 Jul 2018 08:28

System: OAW-4550
Version: (not possible to upgrade further yet because of some remainig old APs)

I want to add a MeshPoint into en existing Ap Group.
So i added a mesh config (Mesh Radio and Mesh Cluster), which basically has default values.
Then i provisioned an existing AP (AP205) as MeshPortal, and added another AP (Ap-135) which i provisioned into the same AP Group with the Mesh-role "MeshPoint".
It eventually comes up (unwired) and looks to be in operating state.
It appears as "up".
However, in the Web GUI it remains in State "Unprovisioned Access Points", and ist flagged "UM2Y".

What am i missing?

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