AP-135 as a RAP: LAN-settings

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AP-135 as a RAP: LAN-settings

Post by DonMartin » 16 Feb 2017 09:38

Hello all,

i want to use the AP-135 as a RAP for a small remote location.
The RAP-config is not my problem - that is working. Now i would like to configure the second Ethernet-Interface as Gateway for some local network devices.
Currently all devices are running with fixed IP-addresses - we have no dhcp running for wired devices, and i definitely want to keep it that way right now!
The ethernet port for the WAN - connection must be running on dhcp of course.

So here's my question: how do i configure individual IP-settingsfor the two AP-interfaces?

I would like to run dhcp on Eth0 to use it as the WAN-interface (as-is right now), and fixed-IP settings on Eth1 for the LAN which will be the gateway for the LAN components.

Since the AP-135 does not seem to have a RAP-config html interface like the "RAP x" access points, i'm loking for the cli-commands for this.

I couldn't find any documentation for this type of AP-config, neither from aruba nor from alcatel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: AP-135 as a RAP: LAN-settings

Post by silvio » 17 Feb 2017 02:51

If the AP work as RAP than all the config you have to do at the OAW-controller. There you can in the AP-Group of the RAP change the funktion (f.e. vlan) of the RAP-Ports.

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