MIPT 8118 doesn't show networks

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MIPT 8118 doesn't show networks

Post by tomcanbe »

We recently changed our network config and switched channels due to external interference on channel 1. We are now using channels 3, 8 and 13. Since the change, our MIPT 8118 doesn't connect to our wireless network anymore.

When going to the admin interface using 40022 and select "Scan all channels" in the "Site survey tool", it doesn't show our networks. It only shows 1 network, our neighbours which is running at channel 6. When I manually scan a single channel (3, 8 and 13), it does show the networks and shows good reception.

Does anyone have an idea on why this is? It would be a strange if the set was limited to just channels 1, 6 and 11.

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MIPT 8118 doesn't show networks

Post by Konstantinos.E »

you need winpdm tool to get all configuration options to the phone .. by default the channels are 1,6,11 ... so you need to change that to scan all channels or the specific channel you want . also you need the base with the USB adapter to connect it with your pc..also you need configuration profiles that much with your binaries (available on the alcatel portal )to access the configuration ..good luck

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