Omnivista, New device

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Omnivista, New device

Post by Motello123 » 18 Sep 2019 04:03

Hi guys.
I've installed OV 2500 v3.5...
The installation was done with Vmware ESXii 6.0.
We've got just one problem with Vmware tools, i was not able to mount a cdrom and install it.

Now i'm trying to add a new switch, with snmp v3.

This is the config of the switch.

"! Trap Manager:
snmp station 162 "snmpuser" v3 enable

snmp security authentication all
snmp authentication-trap enable

User name = snmpuser,
Password allow to be modified date = None,
Account lockout = None,
Password bad attempts = 0,
Read Only for domains = None,
Read/Write for domains = All ,
Snmp allowed = YES,
Snmp authentication = MD5,
Snmp encryption = DES
Console-Only = Disabled

On the OV web panel, i've configured that discovery profile:

Name :omnivista

CLI/FTP User Name :snmpuser

SNMP Version :SNMPv3

Timeout (msec) :5000

Retry Count :3

User Name :snmpuser

Auth & Priv Protocol :MD5

Context Name

Context ID

Trap Station User Name :omnivista

Discover Link :Normally

Shell Preference :SSH

Use GetBulk :true

Max Repetitions :10

If i try to discover a new device, the results it 0.
What is wrong?
Or...what thing i've not configured?

Thank you.


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Re: Omnivista, New device

Post by silvio » 18 Sep 2019 10:26

In switch:
aaa authentication snmp local
ip services snmp - should enabled too

In OV:
have you put the same pw 4x (auth and encryption)?

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