What makes Omnivista special?

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What makes Omnivista special?

Post by gjortega » 10 Nov 2016 09:20

What makes Omnivista 2500 special in comparison to other NMS in the market?


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Re: What makes Omnivista special?

Post by devnull » 23 Nov 2016 07:43


But frankly Omnivista will be the One NMW that supports Alcatel Switches best.
As Extreme Management Center will work best with Extreme/Enterasys, as Cisco Prime/One/... will work best with Cisco gear.

If you have only Alcatel: i would use Omnivista. If you have different Verndors and only want to monitor Chosose Nagios/PRTG/Solwarwinds whatever.
If you want to do Management (Firmware upgrade/Config changes/...) i guess multivendor will be hard once you are out of the "enable or disable a port" zone.

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