After DISA message...

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klodjan bregu
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After DISA message...

Post by klodjan bregu » 20 Mar 2007 11:13


I have an OXE R7.0 cammon HW
I use analog trunks and the trunks COS is 3
I want to use DISA in this way:
When someone calls from outside he will listen the DISA message (not 106, I have uploaded a new one)

" You have reached the (name of company). Please dial the extension number or wait for the operator. Thank you."

But in my case which is the default state, the call will be released after the message.

How can I change this in order that

if the caller knows the extension after he listen the message he dials it and he realizes the call (this is working properly)
if he doesnt know the extension he will listen the message and will wait until the operator will answer his call.

I have not created an attendant but all incoming calls go dirctly to one extension.

Thanks in advance,

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Post by tincho.rn » 20 Mar 2007 15:29

I am not sure but you can try the following. Check the Entiti of the trunk group you use for DISA. Then complete the Distribution Table in entiti´s parameters. There for Day and Night put your attendant or group of attendants.

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Post by zanex » 20 Mar 2007 18:27

I dont have DISA on my current system

On the incomming trunk what entity have you managed under trunk group - is that the one with you attendant? Is it inservice? There was a note that it will only go to an attendant in the docs also

I would have a play with these timers to see what happens also

Look at you trunk COS - overflow on no reply timer this is the no answer on a dialed set - default its 30sec

Timer 205: "Waiting timer for the 1st digit dialled by the caller in DISA entry during playback of guide No. 106 and after any entry of the DISA secret codeâ€

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Re: After DISA message...

Post by Yasin » 20 Jun 2018 05:11

I have the same situation here.
After DISA calls must be routed to Operator but how???
any body help me ………..
Yain Saleemi
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Re: After DISA message...

Post by cavagnaro » 20 Jun 2018 08:14

You are opening threads from over 10 years ago...don't do that.
Open a new one with your configuration and symptoms.

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