Patch C153110 Needed

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Patch C153110 Needed

Post by aflores » 08 Dec 2018 00:22

Hello Friends, Hope everybody is fine.

For restoring two sites in an ABC Network, I need the static patch C153110.

I have the main version C1531

I have several CD's with dynamic patches C153110D, H, P and K.

I seached carefully on CD's and no one have C153110 s-patch so if some one can provide me with the C153110 s-patch I will apreciated.

Best Regards.

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Patch C153110 Needed

Post by Barrykeery » 10 Jul 2019 14:21

No, this is not noramal, there should be results,have you done a patch acquire?
If you are using Messaging Server is the Patch queue cleared.

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